Pest free properties with professional assistance

If you see a pest in or around your property, it is more than likely that more are pretty close by. Getting rid of the ones you see is a start but is often just that. Eradicating the problem fully, without the help of an experienced professional, is pretty much impossible.

At Eliminate Pest Control, we have knowledge of the best techniques to solve your pest problems without causing unnecessary damage or contamination to your property or anyone in it. Our experience has enabled us to safely carry out the most effective methods that there are. Our pest control services are available throughout Northampton to residential and commercial properties alike. From a rat infestation to a wasps nest, we have the facilities and knowledge to deal with almost any problem that you may be having.

Over the many years that we have been in the industry, the knowledge that we have picked up has allowed us to provide one of the most extensive lists of services including pest control in Northampton and we pride ourselves on using this to be able to deal with almost every pet. Ants, cockroaches, mice or bed bugs, we can make sure that your property is back to being pest free.

As well as the treatments we provide, we also offer advice on how to avoid such infestations in the future. If you are worried about an infestation, but are unsure if you have one or not, we can investigate your property and check whether there are any pests in or around your property.

To get your house or business free from pests, get in touch with Eliminate Pest Control and our swift response team will be with you in no time.We offer a 24 hours a day emergency service so you can contact us at any time. Just call 0800 533 5121 or email us via the online contact form which can be found on our website


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